Marketing Package
Brief: A local retail shop is re-branding itself and services to attract new young customers. They need a basic brand package with a series of typographic posters and social presence for this retail shop to promote their services to a young audience.
Concept: A skill-share café. A place for learning through workshops while drinking a mug of warm, fresh coffee. A café full of character and charm to socialize with others. In order to market this concept, the name and logo are displayed on paintings by Magritte and of Socrates who are the inspiration for this café. In each ad layout, you will find one of the paintings with the logo and a cup of coffee photoshopped into them. In addition, each layout provides the name of the café, website, social icons, dates and times of operation and the three highlights "sip | learn | socialize". Large images with minimal text were used to captivate potential customers and pique interest. Only key information was chosen for display purposes.
Handout ( 4 x 6 '' )
Name: Je ne sais rien means I know nothing in French. It was inspired by Socrates who said, "True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing." Knowledge is only gained by learning and asking questions about what you do not already know or understand. Only by this process do we become truly knowledgeable. 
Logo: The icon was chosen for three reasons. Firstly, the bowler hat represents the head, the location of the brain. Secondly, the bowler hat also represents surrealism in Renée Magritte paintings, which depicts the "release of creative potential of the unconscious mind." Thirdly, the scribble represents the thoughtful mind and its constant tendency to learn and create.
Typefaces: The fonts Poiret One and Open Sans were used to make the ads look simple and modern. The tilted "e" in Poiret One gives a quirkiness to the name and represents joy as the letter seems to be laughing. Open sans, on the other hand, is used as it is easy to read. 
Color Palette: Yellow was chosen as it references to happiness and creativity, while blue was used for its calming nature and its representation of trust and intelligence. 
Magazine 1 Page Spread ( 8.5 x 11 '' )
Slogan: Enlightenment served hot was chosen as it concisely explained the two main characteristics of the café, which are, enlightenment that refers to learning and served hot that represents the coffee. Enlightenment should be emphasized using a color when writing the slogan to highlight the fact that workshops take place at the café to learn new skills. Sip | Learn | Socialize became the sub-slogan to highlight the three main concepts of the café. Drink coffee, learn something new and meet interesting people.
Magazine 2 Page Spread ( 17 x 11 '' )
Social Media: For the social mediums, I wanted to have large images of the paintings and minimal text to represent the brand and lifestyle. In addition, the logo is used as the profile picture and the slogan, Enlightenment served hot is given on both platforms with the website URL.
Instagram Post ( 1080 x 1080 pixels )  |  Instagram Story ( 1080 x 1920 pixels )
Facebook Cover ( 820 x 312 pixels )  |  Facebook Post ( 1200 x 630 " )
Timeline: 2 weeks
Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop
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