Marketing Package
Brief: Create a promotional campaign for a summer concert event that will be aired on MTV television. Design a compelling logo to produce impact and excitement around your event.
Concept: Branded a music festival from start to finish based on the legend of Apollo. A classical music festival in the picturesque landscapes of Iceland. An outdoor adventure to go watch the biggest names in the industry perform outdoors. Since MTV is directed at younger audiences, the challenge was to create a modern take on classical music to amaze the younger demographic with an important and luxurious feel. The event of the century.
Poster ( 24 x 36 '' )
Name: Apollo was chosen in reference to the Greek God of music and his epic odyssey to fight the serpent at Delphi. The reason behind this name was to allude to the adventure of making the audience feel that they will explore heroism engulfed in a musical concerto.
Logo: The logo was simple by using the statue of Apollo in the Vatican city to represent the name. It was given a modern twist with metallic gold to provide impact and depict luxury. The four heads were chosen to symbolize the four sections of an orchestra; String, woodwinds, brass and percussion. In addition, the four heads represent the "reflection" that people can experience while listening to music. 
Typefaces: A serif was used to represent the brand name as it gives an older feel and provides an air of mystery. It gives a sense of quality and class while being easy to read.
Color Palette: Black and gold to feel the elegance and luxury of this festival. Gold is the color of extravagance, passion and magic, which is everything that you will be experiencing at the event. On the other hand, the black on white is used to depict the change from day to night as the spectacle will be on from dusk 'til dawn. It also provides good legibility and contrast.
Brochure Exterior ( 11.66 x 8.27  '' )
Brochure: Clean lines and simple layout to present main musicians and main events on schedule. Name is prominent on the front of the brochure with the logo placed on the back with partners and sponsors, date, location and website. 
Brochure Interior ( 11.66 x 8.27  '' )
Slogan: Join the Odyssey was chosen as this event will be an adventure for the senses. The epic performances by top tier musicians will provide experience of fighting the python as did Apollo with the gorgeous backdrop scenery provided by Iceland. This is not a concert but the event of a lifetime.
Promotional Video: The trailer was created to bring the audience closer to the experience as printed or digital efforts could not suffice to explain the grandeur of the event. Therefore, the video was created showcasing the name and logo with beautiful landscapes of Iceland where the event will take place. This was further explained in a voice over to entice audiences to buy their tickets for the festival. It is short, eye-catching and gives you a little taste of what is to come.
Apparel: T-shirts were designed in four fashions to remind of the four parts of an orchestra. They all allow you to see the name of the event clearly and have a modern and playful take on the logo.
Timeline: 4 weeks
Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro
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